Structural Alteration

Existing building structures are always forever changing. Jackson's Builders (Barnsley) can guarantee a variety of services under structural alterations, such as:

  • Alterations to existing buildings
  • Roof structural alterations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Installation of structural steel supports
  • Underpinning alterations

As projects, every building that we come across and develop, we have to understand the building’s structural elements from its original plans and drawings (if available), to be able to design safe, supportive & friendly alterations. This is to certify that the buildings existing elements are not going to be overloaded by new work enforced onto it and its uses.

We understand due to ages of different buildings, original construction plans can be hard to get, but traditional buildings are usually somewhat simple to understand their structures. Modern buildings are the trickier ones to understand without plans, so usually site investigations are carried out. But we like a challenge!

Regardless whatever project it is, we always work with every client, to which they feel confident and reassured that their plans and needs are met. We have continuous communications with every client and to ensure all pricing and any changes are fully aware of and confirmed before any work is done.

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Hoylandswaine >

Dry stone retaining wall built to accommodate ground elevation of land adjacent to it, and to match existing dry stone wall.

Dark Lane,Barnsley >

Retaining wall built with stone to fence external boundaries of that part of the land, and to protect ground elevation.
Instalment of truss in newly converted private building, to support roof and providing open space to the living area.

Cawthorne, Barnsley >

Partial demolition and structural alterations carried out to an existing period building; developed and extended into a large, open orangery. Inside was completed with stone paving, with bi-folding doors to access outdoor court yard.

00980400 (1)

Structural alterations made to living space within existing period building, involved removing two stone walls to make into a larger, open living space. A second orangery was added to rear of the building, connecting to living and dining space.


More structural alterations made to the entrance space of the period building, where removal of an existing fire place and chimney throughout the building was carried out to make open space in the entrance, and bedroom above. Upon completion, entrance to the building was tiled and decorated to suit clients.


Roof truss alterations were made to the existing period building, where existing truss was too low for living space; therefore, we altered the height to accommodate the new bedroom.



A retaining wall was built for the land at the rear and to form a nice finish which leads around to the kitchen and living area and onto the patio. Next to the patio, sleepers were used to retain the ground behind it to give it a raised garden area also, which then slopes down to the rest of the front garden.
Due to planning regulations, the barn could not be made any higher, to which we underpinned the building to allow room for another floor. The leaning roof at the front of the barn was taken down, so that we could form a full sloping roof to suit the new depth of the building.