Keresforth House

Keresforth House is an award winning conversion and refurbishment. It started as a residential retirement home and turned into nine luxury residential apartments. All completed with attractive gardens and security from electric gates, whilst keeping the authentic outlook of the original house and land.


Pointing of the existing outer stonework of the building to improve the appearence of Keresforth House >>


<< Beginning of works to be carried out to the rear of the existing building of Keresforth House

Additional floor added inside to the existing building >>


New stone work on the rear of the house with new roof slates and velux windows >>

00854274 (1)

<< Scaffolding down, showing the potential new look of the house.

Final touches with installation of cream windows and doors, complete with small extension to one of the ground floor apartments with a small ground terrace and balcony above for one of the first floor apartments. Also showing a small preview of the completed gardens with an Italian fountain >>


<< Additional tinted glass entrance with cream frames attached to the house giving access to two more luxury apartments.

An example of one of nine apartments, completed with cream kitchen and granite worktops, with window looking into the living area of the apartment >>


<< Completed bathroom made to a traditional stylish design with neutral colours

One of three bedrooms within this particular apartment in the house, with traditional fitted wardrobes. This bedroom is complete with french doors that views onto the gardens of Keresforth House >>


<< This three bedroom apartment hosts double opening doors into the main living area from the entrance hallway which also leads to the staircase for the 1st floor of the apartment.

This apartment also boasts a two level bedroom, openly showing the wooden beams >>

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