Dark Lane

This large house started as mixed office for the adjacent residential home which was then converted , refurbished and extended to make a large exclusive single private home for a client. The land around it was the designed and landscaped to a modern look, whilst still obtaining a family environment.


<< The detached house on Dark Lane started with two garages at the left of the house, which later they were converted and refurbished into two offices that became part of the home interior. The land around the front of the house was extended and a retaining wall was built the accommodate the ground elevation of the pebbled garden area.

The rear of the house was also extended to provide room for an additional bedroom with french windows and a balcony overlooking the back garden >>

<< The almost finished rear of the house boasts a large living room with wooden trusses, completed with wooden bi-folding patio windows facing the back garden, also with large velux windows in the apex roof.

The frontal view of house shows it completed with a tall natural stone wall and pillars, complete with wooden electric gates for privacy and security >>

<< The front garden completed with patio area for outdoor dining and leading continuously all the way down the bottom of the garden, passing each section of the coloured pebbles. The patio path also leads around to the bottom of the car parking area, which the curve wall provides access to.

The rear of the house, to which the living room looks onto, has a large patio area. It boasts a luxury pizza oven and BBQ area, facing onto the grassed garden >>