This period house started as an large empty period building to which it needed an extensive amount of work. We worked with the client to their preferences and specifications to how they wanted it to look like.

<< The original layout of the entrance to the building had a large fireplace and chimney in the centre of the hallway, to which this was removed to make an open plan entrance.
The finished entrance way hosts a curved staircase to the first floor. This entrance way was tiled with a contemporary style leading towards the living area through wooden double glass doors; as well as hallways leading to a bedroom in a separate section of the building, and another to an additional living space. >>

<< This room was refurbished into a modern bedroom, to which new window frames were installed to make a more contemporary look.

The rear of the same bedroom was completed with an oak door, and an en-suite suited to the client's specification; competed with a tiled bath and shower.

An additional bedroom within the building boasted the existing wooden beams alterations, and was completed with a newly installed bathroom; which was designed to a modern look with a separate tiled shower. >>
<< This period building in Cawthorne was completed with a traditional style kitchen with a breakfast bar in the centre, whilst still boasting the original wooden beams across the ceiling.

Partial demolition and structural alterations were carried out to the existing period building; it was developed and extended into a large, open orangery. Inside was completed with stone paving and with bi-folding doors to access the outdoor court yard. >>

Structural alterations were made to the living space within the existing period building; which involved removing two stone walls to make into a larger, open living space. >>

<< A second orangery was built to the rear of the period building which connected to the living space inside the existing building. The orangery was completed to boast a large connecting living/dining area with view of the rear patio and garden.